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Managed IT Services is a solution that is offered by an IT Service Provider. It allows businesses to allocate their IT operation to a third-party organization that specializes in this field. Known as Managed Service Providers (MSPs), they are responsible for the company’s IT system in its entirety or as agreed upon in a Service Level Agreement (SLA).
IT is an indispensable part of business, no matter the industry or size, especially in today’s interconnected world. From better cost control, efficiency, productivity, and improving risk management, there are multiple benefits to outsourcing your IT. Technology is constantly evolving and if you’re looking to future-proof your business, turning to a Managed IT Service provider will help you achieve your goal.
Each business has a specific structure that requires different strategies. The cost depends on the level of service your business needs and what you are looking to achieve. MSPs use best practices and standards to deliver their services so ensure that the service agreement will provide value for your company.
With over 12+ years of experience serving the IT needs of a small to medium-sized business, J&T IT Solutions has been able to navigate the ever-shifting world of IT by keeping ahead of the trends. Setting ourselves as an example, our clients have benefited from our advanced solutions as we continuously provide more value and efficiency to exceed their expectations.
We do our best to settle issues as soon as possible. We always ensure a fast response time and have our help desk support available to assist you. Our goal is to deliver the best quality of service and meet your IT needs and minimize any disruptions or downtime related to your system.
Definitely! As a Managed Service Provider, we send out our technicians and engineers to your office for issues that cannot be resolved remotely. On-site visits still play an important role in maintaining your business infrastructure.
Cloud technology is still misunderstood by many. Webopedia says that “Cloud computing is a type of computing that relies on shared computing resources rather than having local servers or personal devices to handle applications.
In its most simple description, cloud computing is taking services (“cloud services“) and moving them outside an organization’s firewall. Applications, storage, and other services are accessed via the Web. The services are delivered and used over the Internet and are paid for by the cloud customer on an as-needed or pay-per-use business model.”
Basically, instead of storing and accessing programs and files from a computer in your office, you’re storing and accessing them from someone else’s via the internet. You don’t need to buy enough hardware to handle everything yourself, you can simply pay for the cloud service. Companies that provide cloud services have huge data centers that are dedicated to this purpose.
So sadly, there are no actual clouds involved in cloud services!
is a remote desktop application distributed by AnyDesk Software or any other companies . The proprietary software program provides platform independent remote access to personal computers and other devices running the host application. It offers remote control, file transfer, and VPN functionality
Yes we have a number of clients that operate across multiple sites. J&T  is just one example and you can find their testimonial here.
We have 5 engineers that work full time out of our Dubai City centre office.  The majority of our team are technical support engineers as that is the core of our business.  For any projects we offer a dedicated project manager and following completion you will have a dedicated account manager who will look after your account during the life of your contract with Core IT.
We use an application called AnyDesk, once this has been downloaded on your workstation and server we can logon remotely. One of our engineers will request permission to access your workstation and get to work.
Yes - that goes without saying.
We regularly backup essential data to a separate location. In the worst-case scenario, this backup might be required to restore your system if your data is deleted or modified accidentally, or without authorisation.
However, we aim to anticipate potential faults and act before they become a source of confrontation or crisis. Regular maintenance, system updates, and enhanced security features carried out by us all help to eliminate data loss.