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Wireless Solutions


J&T Information Technology    offers the best WiFi support services in Dubai, UAE. We have spent many years in the WiFi support services Dubai industry, gaining extensive knowledge in WiFi technology, WiFi installation, and WiFi support. WiFi is now the norm, and we understand the value of a dependable WiFi connection in daily life. Our highly trained WiFi support services Dubai technicians are always ready to provide prompt WiFi support, whether it’s WiFi installation at your new office, a problem with your new WiFi router, or troubleshooting connection and speed issues with your Hotel WiFi setup.


J&T Information Technology   can provide you with a well-planned and scalable office wireless network that gives you, your employees, and their devices always-on access that’s flexible, inexpensive, easy to maintain, no signal dropouts or delays. 100% coverage – 100% of the time.


We will review your current IT landscape and the way in which your user’s access information both internally within the office and from home office environments. This will include the types of devices they are using to connect to your network (company and personal) and any priority that needs allocating to certain devices. We will survey the office to allow us to accurately plan and design your wireless network to ensure 100% coverage for both fixed and roaming users. Once the Wi-Fi is in place, we carry out rigorous tests and configurations to leave you with an easy to manage, scalable wireless network.


  • Indoor Wireless Solutions
  • Outdoor Wireless Solutions
  • Office Wireless Security in Dubai